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Back, neck & shoulders massage


This treatment focuses on the upper back and its purpose is to ease stress and pain in the area of the back, neck and shoulders, relieving problems caused by daily stress, such as back strain, headache and more...


Deep tissue massage


sThe deep tissue massage is a process of stress release from tissues that are in the deeper layers. the work is done through the length and width of the tissue’s fibers, permitting a higher level of stress release

A bath with aromatic oils/milk/roses



A magical 30 minutes experience  in a tub with oils/milk/roses, with candle lights, relaxing music, champagne and chocolates, providing  a romantic, soothing atmosphere


Swedish classic massage


A variety of techniques focusing specifically on muscle relaxation by pressing them against deeper muscles or bones, and massaging in the direction of the blood on its way back to the heart

Medical massage


The medical massage is a specific treatment that uses a wide knowledge of anatomy.its purpose is to bring back the body to a normal, stable capacity. during a medical massage, the therapist uses a variety of techniques


Aromatic massage

An old technique that relies on touch. the massage gives a centered, focused touch by extortion and encouraging the blood flow, what bring the body to renewal of energy, and a deep, calm relaxation and peace. bringing  the body and the soul to a state of a balance.


Foot massage


Relieves aching, tired foot, provoking activity in internal organs, muscle release, strengthens the immunity system and opens energetic blocks. relief tension and relaxing.


Massage for pregnant women

You can only do this massage if you've passed 16th week of the pregnancy.This treatment avoids pressuring areas that can harm or products that might provoke intolerance reactions in the pregnant woman, and it focuses mostly on points that are proven to be essential to improve the function of the body during pregnancy.



A combination of Swedish massage with focused pressing in the foot, for a better blood circulation. a calming, tension relieving massage.


Face and scalp massage

This treatment works on the muscles in the face and the scalp. it stimulates the blood circulation in the head and brings the body and mind to a relaxing place. it helps to ease the daily stress, letting go of pain and tension. the massage is done by using relaxing, soothing oils such as lavender, vanilla, sesame

Combined massage


 A variety of techniques involving different treatment methods. in this kind of massage, the work is made on both the big muscles and the small ones, intensively. the treatment works not only on the body but also on the soul, bringing both to a state of deep relaxation



A method relying on principles of the Chinese medicine, with influences of techniques such as acupuncture and tuina. the treatment is based on the idea that the human body has invisible energy channels called meridians

(Hot stones treatment (Indian massage


A strong, energetic and delightful treatment, combining hand touch with hot oils and hot basalt stones; without clothes and properly covered. it is a unique, meaningful massage experience, unlike any other. the stones, storing the heat from within, allow a deep, long, delightful massage



By pouring hot oil on and massaging the forehead, where the third eye is, and the face and scalp, the treatment gives peace and freshness to the body and the mind

Lymphatic massage


Based on the idea that movement is necessary for the flow of the body’s natural lymphatic fluid. this method involves gentle movements on the skin, in the area of the glands, causing an effect of moderate pressure, activating them in order to get to a process of healing



A method of the holistic medicine originated in India. the purpose is to heal the body and the soul, bringing it to a state of “enlightenment” - physical and mental harmony. it has no scientific proof

Thai massage


a process of human touch that involves massages with slow pressures in the area of soft tissues, tendons and muscles, using the therapist’s arthritis. stretching for the flexibility of the body and various exercises to stimulate and balance the blood circulation


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